Supply Background

Our Provenance

Put simply, great grass-fed beef comes from great pasture—in fact, farmers only half-jokingly say that they are pasture growers first, and that the cattle look after themselves. It’s for this reason that our grass-fed beef comes from some of the most bountiful and nutritious pastures in the world.

The temperate climate, abundant sunshine and ample rainfall in New Zealand create the perfect environment to grow great grass-fed beef, never confined, free to roam and graze at will. Grass grows well through the year allowing cattle to grow contentedly—free to roam through lush, nutritious pastures and spared the hardships and degradation of the feedlot. This provenance not only produces great beef, but maintains that high standard throughout the year.

Happily, industrial intensification is impossible given the nature of the pastoral environment that produces grass-fed beef. Pasture Perfect beef embodies the care and attention of many small family farms, people who live on and care for the land through generations.